Podcast- Press Pass- A College Football Pod

Podcast- Press Pass- A College Football Pod

I’ve always wanted to get in on the podcast game and so I decided to go for it!  Every week I’m joined by former Ohio State Linebacker and current Big Ten analyst Joshua Perry to present, “Press Pass- A College Football Pod.”  In this podcast we breakdown college football games, players and storylines on a weekly basis.  It’s not all about X’s and O’s, we bring you unique perspective from correspondents around the country and debate the hot topics.  We’re also apart of the Blue Wire Sports Podcasting family, so you can find us on their website as well!  Just click on the links below to check out all of our episodes on iTunes!


Episode 38- REBRANDING announcement

Episode 80- Enough!

Episode 81- Division I Practice Plans

Episode 82- Health Protocols

Episode 83- Taking a Step Backwards

Episode 84- Budget Cuts

Episode 85- Decisions Need to be Made

Episode 86- Let the Dominos Fall

Episode 87- Media Days Cancelled

Episode 88- Notre Dame joining the ACC

Episode 89- Players form ‘We Are United’

Episode 90- Big Ten, Pac-12 postpone season

Episode 91- SEC Releases Schedule

Episode 92- Preseason AP Poll Released

Episode 93- Big Ten Reconsider Fall Ball

Episode 94- Games are back, but they are blowouts

Episode 95-Big Ten Considers Returning

Episode 96- Big Ten Returns, SEC gets new technology

Episode 97- SEC football is back, Big-12 stinks


  • Rusty
    November 13, 2018

    Great podcast! We know you’re a good luck charm!!!

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